auto touch up paint

How to Use a Touch Up Paint Pen?

Here is a video showing you how to quickly use a paint pen to get rid of chips and scratches in your car paint:

There are 5 general steps to using a paint pen:
1. Make sure the surface of your car is clean and dry. Don't just 'eyeball' your car because there may be oil or wax you do not see. Clean the area and dry it.

2. Get the paint from the pen into the top roller. After the pen has been sitting the paint will be at the bottom of the pen. Shake it a few times to get the paint moving up to the top tip.

3. Apply primer.

4. Apply the paint pen. Wait about five minutes between coats, and use as many coats as are needed to cover the area.

5. Apply clearcoat about an hour after using the paint pen.
Click Here for for more detailed information about using touch up paint pens.