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Touch Up Paint by Vin Number?

The VIN, or vehicle identification number of your car will not tell you what paint codes you need to match for your car.

The VIN is a 17 digit number that has various sections. These are the ID of the manufacturer, vehicle information such as its model or body style, the year it was made, a plant code showing where it was made, and then a sequential number.

Instead of the VIN -- for touch up paint you want to get what is known as the "paint code" for you car.

The paint code is imprinted on your car so you can find the exact color matching paint.

Since each car manufacturer lists their paint codes in different places I cannot tell you here exactly where to look to find this information.

But there is a great reference page that lists all the auto manufacturers, tells you where to find the paint code in your car, and has pictures showing you what to look for.

Click Here for that terrific page.

Then click on your car manufacturer and you will see how to find the paint code for your car.

With the paint code you can get an exact OEM match of your car's paint color when you are ordering touch up paint.